We Three Kings

Yesterday, the Church celebrated the Epiphany. According to Alexa, epiphany means to make manifest; to make visible to the eye; to make known.  For these kings, it was both a visible manifestation and an intellectual understanding.  

Here, we have three kings who arrive in Jerusalem.  They ask Herod, the perceived king of the Jews, where they can find the king of the Jews so that they can pay him homage. Some translators use the word worship here. I think homage is the better word for worship has a connotation of godliness, and I’m not positive that the kings saw him as God. Let’s face it, the disciples followed him for three years without fully connecting the dots.  

What does it mean to pay homage? This word is often used in regards to recognizing the rule of one greater than oneself.  It is often about pledging fealty to someone greater.  Fealty has to do with loyalty and faithfulness.  

Thus, we have three kings wishing to plead fealty to someone greater than them. Who is greater than a king?  This King.  

In recognition of their fealty, they brought gifts to their new King.  The gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh were symbols of kingship and of the priesthood.  These gifts remind us that Jesus is both. 

Spend some time today pondering the truth revealed in this scripture.  Jesus is high priest and king.  How does your relationship with him reveal your understanding of his kingship?  What can you do to improve this understanding of your relationship with Jesus?  In closing our meditation, imagine yourself kneeling before the baby Jesus.  Make your own pledge of fealty to the King of Kings, and make some new years resolutions about how to honor this rededication in your day to day life. 

In Him,


Author: dweldon8

I am a middle-aged, retired real estate lawyer seeking more out of life. It is my heart-felt belief that it is only in knowing God, and loving him more deeply that humanity can truly find happiness. This blog reflects my thoughts on what this knowing and loving should be, and how to cultivate this relationship.

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