Keeping Christ in Christmas

What does it mean to keep Christ in Christmas?  Yes, it includes saying Merry Christmas to people, instead of Happy Holidays.  Still, it means more.  

Christmas is a time for reflecting on the generosity of God.  For God so loved the world, that he sent his only begotten son into the world.  Jesus stepped down from the perfection of Heaven, and came into our messy, imperfect lives.  I believe the tradition of gift giving began as a way of reflecting this generosity. Does it still? 

Maybe the true meaning of keeping Christ in Christmas could be viewed as reflecting on our lives as disciples of Christ.  Jesus’ mission was to further reveal the nature of God to humanity.   God’s nature was thus revealed as self-giving.  He poured himself out for us.  

Spend some time today reflection on your Christmas traditions. How do they reflect the elf-giving love of God? Think outside of the box. Is there anything you can do to tweak your traditions to even more fully reflect God’s generosity in sending Jesus into the world? How can you better reflect the nature of God’s self-giving love in the world this Christmas?

In Him,


Author: dweldon8

I am a middle-aged, retired real estate lawyer seeking more out of life. It is my heart-felt belief that it is only in knowing God, and loving him more deeply that humanity can truly find happiness. This blog reflects my thoughts on what this knowing and loving should be, and how to cultivate this relationship.

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